Some News

Who do you talk to when you can't talk about some things? I just found out that all 4 of my Goodjoe entries lost to 2 friends of mine. On the one hand, I'm thrilled for my 2 friends. On the other hand, I'm extremely disappointed... and heart broken to be honest. I fought tooth and nail and promoted my heart out all week and a good chunk of my weekend to get as far as I did. According to the contest, I came in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places. In my opinion that's a fantastic spread. But, because 2nd place is a staff pick, I guess the staff didn't want anything from me. I just really can't go into a rant among my friends on facebook about how upset and disappointed I am. I figured here would be safe because nobody reads this stupid blog any way.

What is really getting to me is how much time I spend drawing and designing shirts only to get turned down by everyone. I've had 2 prints this year... only 2. And so many people I know who can't draw in the least get printed all the time by doing things like ripping off other people's work. It's insane. I'm just distraught.

In any case. I do have a design entry for Tshirtcontest.com's Slogan Tee contest tomorrow. Tshirtcontest is a site a friend of mine opened recently. Hopefully some website will want this tee someday.
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