Well ladies and gents, there is something that really makes my blood pressure rise, and it's stealing. There is a certain jerk on red bubble, located here http://www.redbubble.com/people/elicitre/portfolio, who is blatantly stealing the work of others and selling it as his own. I know many of the artists that have been ripped off here and I think this is shameless. I have reported him but encourage you all to report him too for being the scumbag he is.


"Too Hip for the Circus" Finished Design Comp. Click to enlarge.

Another week, another derby! This week's derby theme is "Hipster Animals." It's such a strange theme that I'm actually looking forward to all the submissions. That and because I live in a neighborhood full of hipsters. Read on to see my thought and design process on this shirt! 


"Bubble Hair" Final Design Comp. Click to Enlarge.
I haven't done a Shirt.Woot derby in a couple months. I just haven't had the time. So after much inspiration from a fellow artist and friend, I decided to be less detail oriented and more playful. This way I can pump a design out relatively quickly and not kill my entire Thursday night trying to design something.

This one, for instance, took a total of 3 hours. The derby theme is Household Chores. Originally, I thought I would go another week with no design because the topic sucked. But, I was quite happy to be inspired while sitting at work.

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