Here's the deal folks, it's time we got this shirt printed! So, to stimulate votes and to get this shirt in production, I am starting this contest! Here is how it works:

Cloud Toys - Giving it Another Shot

Well, I'm sending "Cloud Toys" over to Qwerty.com to give it another shot at getting printed, after my rejection from Tilteed. I was quite sad to not see it print at Tilteed. I had a ton of comments, a lot of friend requests for this shirt, and I assumed I had good votes. I guess it just wasn't their cup of tea.

Qwerty Final Design Comp


Derby #202 - Anthropomorphic Food

Original pencil sketch (Digital)
I was in Myrtle Beach all week this past week. I took some time to doodle in this fantastic beach house I was staying in and came up with a concept for the Anthropomorphic Food derby for Woot. I haven't wooted in a while so I was enjoying finishing this piece. This one wasn't designed out of necessity to have a derby entry. Rather it was designed out of pure joy. It's this reason I'm really happy with it. Please review the sketch, finished piece and half-tone closeups that follow to get a peak into my design process that went into this 4 color piece. Oh, and of course, please swing by my link in the right hand panel and vote!

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