People, My Favorite Subjects...

People are my favorite things to draw. Their so much more interesting than lifeless inanimate objects. Though I have been known to do a still life or 2 in my day, nothing compares to drawing people.

I have a few older samples of my work with people.

-This is the original drawing of my thug. I love working with fabrics (click to enlarge)

-This is the same piece after some experimentation with a patterned fabric. (click to enlarge)

-A doodle out of my sketchbook. I worked with pencil and watercolor for this piece. (click to enlarge)

-Here is a quick "study." I choose her photo because I liked the layers and movement of the clothing she was wearing. (click to enlarge)

People are full of movement and life. They are dynamic and exciting. They don't have to be young and vibrant either. When studying illustration at F.I.T., some of my favorite subjects to draw were older people because of the wrinkles and cracks in their faces.

I hope to have some new work and not older work to show you by my next post.



Ok, here it is as promised. This is about 2 years old. I spent about an hour sketching and always loved this sketch. As usual, nothing ever came of it but I like to look back at it fondly.

-Click to enlarge

Where did my inspiration go?

Another weekend just went by where I promised myself I would lock myself up and work on some art and it just didn't happen. After cleaning my house Saturday I was beat, and I still had to go grocery shopping. Needless to say nothing happened after that. Sunday I did try to sketch but just couldn't make anything meaningful come out. I was really hoping to have something new to post today. Maybe I'll dig through my sketchbook and post an oldie later.


Doodle Bomb...

Just doodling for 5 minutes here at work when I had this idea of a guy sitting on an old-school looking nuclear bomb in some desolate grassy field just playing the harmonica. I saved the sketch, maybe I'll bring it to life maybe I won't. If I do, I'll update.

-Click to enlarge and see whole sketch-


Herbert The Swamp Monster - A Work In Progress...

This is one of my many works in progress. I have had the idea of Herbert for almost 3 years now.

Herbert is a swamp monster that lives in the Bayous of Louisiana. He lives alone in a little run down shack where he collects frog eggs and tadpoles, presumably to eat them. What the reader of his story will find out, though, is that he doesn't eat them at all. Herbert takes it as his duty to protect all the creatures of the Bayou. He raises them to frogs as his own children. In a sense, Herbert is the frog king.

These sketches were started in one of my random moments of inspiration 3 months ago. I started one Saturday morning and worked hard most of the day. I stopped for reasons I cant exactly explain. I think if my home computer were more up to the task at illustrating such a gigantic file, (it's true, I set the resolution and size a little too large for my computer's own good,) I probably would have been more apt to finish this. There is the dream though that one day I will finish him.

-First draft sketch

-Beginning layers of paint and rendering
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