Beware of Dog

Final Design Comp

Well folks, this will be another blog entry where I walk you through how I designed this shirt. I just completed this about an hour ago and am totally in love with it. I've submitted it to Woot! as a daily entry and have my fingers crossed on a printing.

There is no pop reference in this shirt, and really the concept kept changing. This design really came out of nowhere and is a perfect example of something that was created just because it was in me. Read on for the walk through. You may find the story behind this design entertaining!


Houston, We Have Liftoff!

Well folks, the long anticipated event is here... the launch of APSketches.com, the official website about me and my art!

I designed my site to represent who I am as a person. I also designed it to function as a central hub for me and my art. Connected to my website is my twitter, my Facebook, my Tumblr, my blog, my new and official email address, alex@apsketches.com. I also have 3 store fronts that I will be populating with art in the oncoming weeks. A Redbubble store for tee shirts, a Society6 store for illustration prints, and an Etsy store for my more fine art things.

So please, take your time to visit my site, take a look around, visit my gallery and connect with me through social networking!
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