Welcome to the New Blog Layout

I think we can all agree that this blog needed a new layout. So after much fussing, I went out and got one. I hate doing new blog templates because there is always so much to change to get it right. An usually that means going through lines and lines of code to figure out what's wrong with the current template in an attempt to fix it. This may not be a big deal for some people but I have very little web design knowledge and experience.


I Have Neglected You...

Hello out there in blogger land. I have neglected my sketchbook blog and my blogging audience, but I promise, it's only been because I've been very busy! So, let's take a look!

Thoughtsarizen Commissioned Poster
This illustration was commissioned by West Coast rapper Thoughtsarizen. Max (Thoughts) wanted me to create this piece for posters and postcards etc. The concept behind it was to do something in the style of Grand Theft Auto. It was fun to "paint" instead of draw, but was also a challenge. This piece has taken me away from everyone the most while I was out.

I came home late one Friday night 2 weeks ago and had this idea for the Corporate Guerrillas tee. I stayed up deep into the night to sketch this out.

Below is the final design. I tried a bunch of new techniques when putting this one together. Over all, I'm pretty pleased with the design. It may be to violent to sell anywhere, but I haven't created something for no reason in a long time. This is currently up for voting on Designed By Humans.com. I will add a vote tag on the right panel later.

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