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I think we can all agree that this blog needed a new layout. So after much fussing, I went out and got one. I hate doing new blog templates because there is always so much to change to get it right. An usually that means going through lines and lines of code to figure out what's wrong with the current template in an attempt to fix it. This may not be a big deal for some people but I have very little web design knowledge and experience.

Now, on to business,

This is the final piece for the CD illustration for Thoughtsarizen. The title of the album is "From Roots to Seed." I'm quite happy with how this sleeve came out. My concept was to have a weed growing in a sidewalk, it's roots twisting and impressive, and it's seeds blowing in the wind. I wanted it to be a busy city street illustrated in the style of "The Boondocks." I think all in all, I did a good job. I'm extremely happy with it and I thought I had a mini stroke of genius when I decided to blur the layers in the distance much like in real life, to put focus on the plant. I'd love to put an unwatermarked version on here but until the transaction is over and done with, I can't do that.

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