Commissioned Work - 1 of 3

In the wake of my Woot printing, I was contacted by a rapper from the west coast. He liked my work and wanted to know if I could do some illustration work for him. We settled on not 1 but 3 illustrations! Well, this post is all about the first of those 3 pieces.

Original Concept Presented to Client
This piece started as a simple enough concept. Upon hearing his lyrics, I heard him rap about things like "smoking blunts for breakfast." So in honor of his praise of marijuana, we decided to do an Alice in Wonderland themed design.

One of the unifying themes of the work I'm doing for the rapper, is the Asian themed dragon. It's part of his logo and symbolic.

This shirt is being DTG printed which is totally different from what I usually do. There are no limits on numbers of colors in DTG as it is full digital. This has allowed me to have some cool textures and lighting.

The following are a series of progress shots so you can see the design process that took place. More than 20 hours of work went into this piece.


I'm Gonna Be Busy!

Upon my shirt going on sale on Woot, I've received a ton of good comments as well as a job offer! An underground rapper of the West Coast contacted me and inquired about doing some merch design for him. Long story short, I developed 3 concepts and to my surprise, instead of buying 1, he bought all 3! Over the next few weeks I will be busy working away on these illustrations and bringing them to life.

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