I'm Gonna Be Busy!

Upon my shirt going on sale on Woot, I've received a ton of good comments as well as a job offer! An underground rapper of the West Coast contacted me and inquired about doing some merch design for him. Long story short, I developed 3 concepts and to my surprise, instead of buying 1, he bought all 3! Over the next few weeks I will be busy working away on these illustrations and bringing them to life.

I will be posting updates as my contracts stipulate I maintain the right to show this art online on my website as well as in my portfolio. I am also toying with the idea of doing live broadcast sessions where by my fans and my client can watch my computer screen live over the internet as I work on these pieces. This will give you a real look at my process of design from doodle to finished product.

You folks are gonna love these 3 designs. They are very different from what I usually do and are going to be amazing. I love getting commissioned to do art work, especially by a musician. I will post links to the artist and his music should I get permission to do so. I've been listening to his music today and it's pretty good stuff.

Till later, I will post updates.

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