Hey readers, just a brief announcement. Firstly, my giant octopus tee has sold 1200 shirts as of this moment. It's thrilling to know that at minimum, there will be at least 1 tee in all 50 states of the union. Very cool! It's safe until early may. The reckoning will be May 9th, so as long as we can push this tee into the top 20, we will be on sale for some time.

Also, I am planning on making a youtube channel to link with this sketchbook. I think it's a little selfish of me to just use this site as a sketchbook. I plan on making a series of how to videos for those who ask me what my process is. I'd like to show starting artists how to go from doodle to finished tee and every step in between.

The first video I'm planning right now is going to be "Anatomy of  a T-Shirt Design" in which I will feature this octopus tee and show how the design started, how it got to become a digital file, and all the layers and processes in between.

Finally, I am thinking about doing a signup newsletter where by I can notify my readers who sign up for it when I have a new video, contest or tee for sale/voting.

Let me know what you fine folks think of these ideas. I think it's time I make this site more usable. I would love to make this an interactive site where people can see how I choose to do things and where we all can learn off each other. I'd love to collaborate with other artists through here, and give away a few t-shirts in the process. More to come in the near future!

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Little Miss Gothic Muffet said...

Awesome!!! Congrats Alex! That is so exciting! I would buy one - however... can't at the moment. :( I love the idea of a email list so you can let us know what is up! Your rockin. Ooo I also like the youtube video idea. There area few other websites you can do how to stuff to - I just can't think of them at the moment. I will convo you when I have them. Ooo something else would be kinda cool is a live demo where others can logon and watch as you are doing something and can IM you questions or whatever. It's kinda cool. I have seen a few online comics do this and it's fun! Keep it going sir! Very excited for you and the turn out - the Octopus tee rocks!

Alexander C. Pawlicki said...

I have the live idea in mind. I know where I can broadcast live and chat... it's just a matter of having an idea or project at hand to work on.

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