Here's the deal folks, it's time we got this shirt printed! So, to stimulate votes and to get this shirt in production, I am starting this contest! Here is how it works:

  1. Go to my shirt on Qwertee by clicking here. Or you can click the vote button in the right panel.
  2. Vote for my shirt, and leave a comment so I know who voted. (I also recommend you click the "like" button for Facebook or re-tweet the design as to help it get printed.
And that's it! Should the design print on Qwertee, which with your help it should, I will select 1 comment at random. The person who left that comment will be announced on this blog, and on my Facebook page here. That person will receive 1 "Cloud Toys" tee in a size that they specify when I get a hold of them. They will also receive a couple of surprise gifts from myself!

Because Qwerty only features their printed tee's for 24 - 72 hours, time will be of the essence for contacting the winner. I will give the announced winner 24 hours to get a hold of me with their shipping information and tee size before I have to move onto the next runner up. Sorry, but that's just how it has to work.

So help me get this shirt printed! "Like" it, Tweet it, and for gods sakes, VOTE FOR IT! 

For more exclusive APSketches contests and offers, please follow this blog and/or click the Facebook button to the right and become a fan on Facebook. This isn't the first giveaway I've ever had, and it certainly won't be the last!

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