"Bubble Hair" Final Design Comp. Click to Enlarge.
I haven't done a Shirt.Woot derby in a couple months. I just haven't had the time. So after much inspiration from a fellow artist and friend, I decided to be less detail oriented and more playful. This way I can pump a design out relatively quickly and not kill my entire Thursday night trying to design something.

This one, for instance, took a total of 3 hours. The derby theme is Household Chores. Originally, I thought I would go another week with no design because the topic sucked. But, I was quite happy to be inspired while sitting at work.

Original Sketch

Here is the original sketch I made for this derby. I was at work and had the image in my head, but needed to get it on paper fast. So, I dropped what I was doing and bound a tiny little 5.5 x 8.5 sketchbook out of some chipboard and 60# offset. I've been trying to get ideas down on paper or in a list or a note or on my calendar recently so I stop losing great ideas. I really recommend keeping a sketchbook with you as much as possible!

Design Detail
Here are 2 design details. I wanted to show that below the simplistic line and color work, I added a speckled distressing texture to give it a little more depth and life. It makes the art feel more real in my opinion. A little texture makes the cartoon feel less shiny and a little more organic.

Design Detail
On the subject of simplistic design, I have another design to show you, but not the time to set it up for upload right now. I will do another post this weekend. I can tell you that it involved bacon, and how can that ever be a bad thing?

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