The Robot Tee - A Second Chance?

I've recently joined several websites that do contests for the right to have your artwork printed and sold. This promises to keep me quite busy on a portfolio. This also gives a lot of my artwork a second chance!


This robot design is my latest submission. It was originally designed for the Woot! robot derby and ended in the 40's. I think 46th place. Never the less, I love this design and am re-submitting it as is to DesignedbyHumans.com.

DesignedbyHumans is a great t-shirt site where for the most part, the artwork is less cute and more artistic. I like this as it's hard to be witty and cute sometimes. Some days I just want to create art for art's sake.

As of right now, this piece is pending approval before it can go up for voting. Rest assured, if approved I will be promoting the hell out of this design.

As always, thanks for reading. I'm off to work more on this blog and try to either update an older design or bust out some new artwork. I've got lots of ideas flowing and I'm itching to bring them all to life.

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