The Weekly Projects From Shirt.Woot

Shirt.Woot.Com offers the derby every week. The Derby is a great chance for up and coming illustrators to get their art out there. It also offers a great forum to get comments on your artwork and to better yourself and evolve as an artist.

What I really love about the weekly derby is the specifications that come with a project to do. This is great practice for someone trying to break into the world of illustration. An illustrator lives to do projects. It's helps narrow your inspiration and concentrate on an idea. The deadlines are tight if you want to get any hope for votes. This keeps me working hard in my office/studio on weekends doing something productive. I can't say enough good things about shirt.woot.com!

From now on I will be posting my weekly entries and their progress. It's something to write about and drop in my portfolio. And, I'm notorious for not writing in my blog that I care about so much.

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