We Have A Sale!

Well I have the confirmation on the tee shirt printing I got announced a week or so ago. Here are the particulars:

This shirt is a previous Woot! entry... my first Woot! entry. Ript Apparel will be selling it for 24 hours and 24 hours only! Here are the details:
WHEN: Friday, February 4th
WHERE: www.riptapparel.com
WHAT: Tee's, Hoodies and Kid's Sizes
HOW MUCH: $10 Tee's, $38 Hoodies and various prices on childrens sizes
WHO WOULD WEAR THIS: People who love my work, pirates and octopai!

The marketing begins now! It will be brutal and furious but we are hoping for lots of sales! I want to spot someone on the street in my tee! So stick around for more updates. This is my first printing so I am very excited.

2 shout outs:

Roll2Play said...

Yay, congrats. This is only the beginning. Keep on letting us know when you have something on Woot. I am a buyer!

Remind me on the 4th of February... ;-)


Alexander C. Pawlicki said...

absolutely Tiffany! I'm hoping the orange octopus tee gets picked up by woot! I would rock that shirt and based on the feedback I'm getting, others would too!

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