Fine Dining on Metaluna

"Fine Dining on Metaluna" original sketch. Click to enlarge.
I'm working on 3 projects at the moment. 1 is for an art show in Brooklyn in September. 1 is a tee-shirt that put's a twist on the Hunger Games series, and this one, which came to me Sunday morning in bed. This is the world famous space monster from the B-classic, and quite possibly original cult classic "This Island Earth." I decided to take advantage of the fact that this monster has lobster like claws and decided to present it as a lobster dinner. I got a lot to do to this though. I have to ink it, make edits from the critiques I've received and color it. This is just the idea. Hopefully Tee Fury, Qwertee or Ript Apparel would run with this design, though as usual, I'm probably gonna let Woot take the first crack at it. Woot however may err on the side of caution with this one since it will be close to a copyrighted character. I think it's still covered under parody though.

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