Derby #176: Famous Movie Quotes Reinterpreted

Great movies are a part of American culture. Throughout the years timeless classics like American Pie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Austin Powers have given pre-teens and humorless adults everywhere witty bon mots to shout at one another over and over at parties. So for this Derby show us your visual take on the famous movie quotes, like a guy's front saying "I'll be back" as he turns around. Or something. You can probably come up with something better than that. The point is you're not showing us famous movie scenes, but literally visualizing the quote text as if you didn't know the sentence was from a movie. If you need a good place to start finding quotes, look here.

No use of the actual characters from the movie. That should be obvious, we hope.

No Star Wars. Characters, that is. You can use a quote as long as you reinterpret.

Okay, you can use video games. But we reserve the right to reject anything that makes us uncomfortable in a copyright sorta way.

No text.

You must title your submission with as much of the quote as you can fit. And put the full quote in the comments of your submission.

No random rule. A totally-hurried-decision by a totally-hurried writer up against a deadline.

This Woot! derby is a really tough one. I really killed myself over it and am suffering from a bit of design self loathing.

This is what I came up with from one of the most famous quotes from Forest Gump. At the time, I thought I had a really clever idea. Now, however, after seeing many other clever ideas submitted, I feel like an idiot.

Don't get me wrong, there are things I like about this design; certain elements, but there is a lot wrong with it too. I think I rushed on it to get it submitted in time. I don't see a possibility of recycling this design, but I can re-use elements. Specifically the cartoon face. This is not a style I use quite a bit and I enjoyed bringing this character to life.

In any case, I'll suck it up and move on. I think I will be focusing on networking with artists today in hopes of finding support and inspiration. Thanks for reading. If you would like to vote, and have previously purchased an item from WOOT!, go here:

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