I've Been Doodlin'

I've been sketching around and just having artistic diarrhea in general. I've got a few pages of indecipherable pencil scratch and a notebook full of ideas I'm not ready to commit to. That being said, I'm not all unhappy about this.

One doodle I hope holds some sort of promise is this guy:

The basic premise here is John Goodman as the exterminator from Arachnophobia. I see him ready for one final fight against the ultimate arachnid, Spider-Man. I'm picturing a cartooney, bubbly, cute Spider-Man in the foreground, from behind. He's in shock at the unexpected scene and perhaps his Spider-Sense is tingling. In any case, it's just a doodle. I know I shouldn't be coloring this until I pick a background color, and in the back of my mind I'm trying desperately to keep this down to a max of 8 colors (Threadless) or 6 (pretty much everybody else) which means I should be planning on a red shirt. Maybe I shouldn't be planning on a shirt at all though. I think part of the issue behind lack of ideas is the money and consequences of the money behind each design. That being said, I made a commitment to utilize these t-shirt contest sites to force me to draw, build a portfolio, network and break into the illustration industry I wanted so badly to be in when I was just a bright eyed 18 year old going away to school for my first time.

Wow... that was almost TMI but what's a blog without personal information?

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