I Took The Weekend Off...

I've got about 4 different tee projects in various states of art production. That being said, I took a break this weekend. Well, not just this weekend, I also choose to sit out this weeks Woot Derby. I love the art being submitted in it though.

In any case, my girlfriend asked me to take at least a night off from drawing since it's all I do anymore and that one night turned into a very lazy weekend. It was great. Besides, my office is a mess ever since we pulled the Christmas tree out of it. In any case, I'm by no means retired.

I've got some designs that I'll be posting sketches as well as finished drawings on. I am working on a funny "Lost" tee that I think everyone will love. It's really cool re-drawing all the characters from that show in a cartoon form. I'm going to be finishing and submitting the cloud tee this week to Threadless.com. I also have a funny Clue tee I've been working on. I'm having a bit of trouble planning the color on it but I suppose I should just draw it and worry about the color after I pick a shirt color to drop it on. I also have a Mario shirt in it's concept stage right now. I think I have a pretty funny concept, but I gotta figure out how to draw it as a satire and not worry about copyright infringement. There is 1 tee site I know about that is really into video games and pop culture and seems a little lackadaisical about copyright laws so maybe that would be a better site for submitting it to.

So, I promise some new artwork this week, definitely before Christmas. I just finished my last course of the year and will have more time at night to work on art. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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