Derby #180: Complimentary Colors

Some things just GO together, y'know? PB & J, Bert & Ernie, and New Year's Day and 4,000 college bowl games no one cares about and will continue to refuse to care about until they get off their stupid corporate welfare and implement a playoff system. Oh and colors. Complimentary colors. So for this week your design must be made of two colors paired up in the list below. Before you freak out: no, the shirt color doesn't count. So yes, Mr. Smarty Pants cracking your knuckles in the forums, technically it could be a three color Derby And we don't care, because we make the rules up as we go, so get over it. Now for the rules:

* Your design MUST be comprised of ONE of the following color combinations: blue & orange, yellow & violet, or red & green. No black & white, Mr. I'll Just Make It Look Classy.
* No video games.
* No Star Wars.
* No text.
* You MUST use two ink colors, and ONLY two ink colors. It can be a shade of blue and a shade of orange, though. Don't sweat trying to perfectly match the standard "blue."
* Yes, your shirt can be a third color.

So after a 2 week hiatus from the derby world of WOOT!, I'm back. This was a challenging derby, as they all seem to be. It's tough to only be able to use 2 inks to get a point across; especially if you like working in a simplistic cutout style.

Believe it or not, this isn't really my style but I feel like it's more marketable so, here I am selling out. Oh well, I like the art anyway.

This was the original concept for this derby. I decided to go with purple and yellow as my 2 colors. After banging my head into a wall for about 2 hours, I couldn't get the words, "Purple Mountains Majesty" out of my head. So I decided to take the phrase super literally and here's what we ended with:

I've actually been a little busy this week and seeing how hung-over I am right now, I plan on being busy with art and promotion the rest of the weekend. I've also got my cloud design waiting approval on Threadless.com before it goes up for voting. On top of that, I have a cute monster shirt I've been doodling with. I have an awesome looking monster, but no concept. It's really a design that doesn't say anything yet so I'm waiting till I have a stroke of genius on that design before I blog it and submit it.

In the mean time, I need your votes! If your reading this, and you've purchased from WOOT! in the past, then follow the link and vote on my design! Thanks in advance and have a happy New Year.


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