Derby #181: Mazes and Labyrinths

Throughout human history, fear at the prospect of getting lost has been pretty influential in culture: the Minotaur, wandering the desert aimlessly, and of course, The Shining. This week we want to see your designs inspired by mazes and labyrinths. Maybe it's a layout of your inescapable byzantine basement, or a send-up of famous maze-inhabiting monsters or villains. Maybe it's just a pathetic cry for help to stop feeling so lost in life. You decide.

No text.

No bunnies.

No Star Wars.

No axe murderers. A totally random rule from a totally random Woot staffer totally randomly-named Travis.

Perhaps I shouldn't be releasing my derby entry 14 hours before the derby starts, but I just finished it and I'm damn happy with it! Sure, it's simple... but sometimes simplicity is a good thing. I did terribly in the last derby and I was drawing blanks on this one but this is my idea:

And some close-ups for detail:

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Curiosity In Life Featured by Design By Humans

Wish me luck on this one because the last derby really kicked my ass.

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