A Meeting of the Minds...

At 2:00, I have a meeting at the Spot Coffee a half a block from my house. I'm meeting a gentleman who made a post of Craigslist looking for an artist to make comics from his stories. I responded, he visited this blog and we setup a meeting.

Today's meeting is really gonna be about feeling each other out. See, this project is a non-paying project. He needs an artist, and though I don't really need a writer, I don't have the time to write.

The only way money would come into the picture is if by some miracle, this comic was a masterpiece and gets published. In that case, royalties would be split 50/50. This is a big "if."

Like I said before, I don't need a writer. In fact, I have 7 or 8 different stories in my head and various notebooks just waiting to be developed. But, as I said before, I don't have the time right now.

When I think about 2 guys taking a chance on something that could easily become a waste of their time, I think, "Isn't this how the greats started?" All of them I'm sure. I bet Stan Lee himself took a chance and stepped out onto a ledge. Now look at him.

I should say though, this is just to feel each other out. I don't hold much hope here. If I consider his stories particularly amazing and I'm confident I can do them justice and find the time to do it, then we are golden. Other wise, it's no big deal. I'll post an update after the meeting.

Well I'm back from the meeting. I gotta say, I think this guy had 2 very interesting ideas. I don't know where I stand on whether I will be able to do them or not but I have something to ponder. I'm going to get a transcript from him to read, brainstorm and doodle from. I will decide from there.

All in all though, he was a great guy with the unique kind of mind writing something unbelievable would need. He's got promise and potential and no matter what we decide, I wish him a lot of luck.

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Mistress MadamX said...

I totally understand. But you NEVER know what will come of it. It's a small world. You may make contacts or get another idea. Do you going to any anime conventions, comic or sci fi conventions?

Alexander C. Pawlicki said...

I've never been to a convention before. I had a group of friends that did the convention circuit in high school, I could never get into it really.

MuseNoir said...

Collaborations that work are rare, but when they do... it can be magic! Can't wait to hear what happens!

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