Be Kind, Rewind

It's time for another derby, the first derby I've participated in since coming in 4th in the maze derby 5 or 6 weeks ago. The theme is Retro Audio. I decided immediately that I wanted to do something about tape cassettes. I love them, I think their design aesthetic is really cool. Any way, here is my concept:

And below is the final product:

The title of the piece is "Be Kind, Rewind." I will submit it tomorrow. I don't think it's exactly a winning piece, but it's the best I can do in such short notice with homework to do tonight also. This may be one of those pieces I hang onto and tweak for sale elsewhere.

I'll have the vote tag up tomorrow once I have a vote URL and the shameless promotion will begin. Another week of Woot! pandemonium!

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Mistress MadamX said...

Haha! Cute!

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