Lost Pirate Results Are In

Well, I received a sales report email this morning from Ript Apparel. I won't divulge how many shirts sold, but I will say I'm pretty disappointed. I really wish I could have done a lot better, especially because I need the money, but what happened has happened and that's the end of it. "The Lost Pirate of the Black Lagoon" has been officially retired forever. I won't be selling it in my Redbubble store. I will stow it away in the depths of this computer quite possibly for eternity. Who knows though, maybe one day I'll take a look at it and want to make some changes to it to make it sellable again. But for now, this is the end.

I do hold out hope for my other octopus tee "It Would Be Epic If." I was informed Woot! was going to have a meeting this week to discuss the next set of daily's to be printed and my art would be discussed there. I am hoping to be notified of a ya or ney this week. If Woot! doesn't want to sell it, then I will shop it over at TeeFury.com.

Thanks to those of you who bought a tee. I'll end this note with a reminder that my "Cloud Toys" tee is currently on sale and available on the panel to the right of this post. Sure, I wish it was priced a bit cheaper but Redbubble's minimum tee price is a bit higher than I would like it to be.

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