A New Concept In The Works

I had this idea that made me chuckle. Nearly every year we see on the news some poor schleps at a parade in distress when one of their floats collapses, catches a pole or building, or just plain gets away from them and wreaks utter havoc. Well I thought to myself how funny it would be if they were doing it on purpose!

That's what this concept is to the right. I did a little doodle of 3 maniacal Macy's Day Parade (or generic for copyright purposes)  floats terrorizing the city as dozens of terrified citizens run away. In the background we see ominous plumes of thick dark smoke and a look of both madness and exhilaration in the eyes of the evil parade floats. The main float holds a screaming citizen in each fist.

I want the "camera" to be closer to the ground with a slightly off kilter horizon line. What was supposed to be a happy day of celebration quickly turned into a nightmare. I think it's cute and funny. I did this preliminary doodle and you all may see a completed drawing, inking and colored final in the following month or so should I decide this idea worthy of my time. In any case, I haven't updated in quite some time and I thought I'd give you folks a peek inside my brain. Let me know what you think of this idea. Thanks for stopping by!

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sa said...

Nice perspective, Alex! Lot of details to flesh out there. Btw, very cool website design!

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