Derby #191 - Robots Save the World

I had a bit of a different take on this derby. At first, I wanted to do a heroic robot defending us all from hordes of aliens and UFOs. After much agonizing and doodling over this idea, I decided this was the obvious and wrong path for me. On Wednesday, I had a spark of inspiration.

My original concept of the word "save" was a religious meaning. We all hate sitting in our home only to hear the doorbell ring, and when we get the door there are 2 young men in white button downs with black ties, black pants and the book of Jehova. "Have you heard the good news?" they ask you. No, you didn't win the lottery. Unfortunately the good news is that Jesus loves you. If you know me, you know I don't really care. For those of you that do wonder what I am, I was raised Catholic, but denounced my religion when I was 16. I have since declared myself godless, which isn't exactly true. I identify with the Unitarian Church because they believe in the search for the truth, and deny the magical ridiculous elements of the Bible. In any case, this was my first take on this derby, but after some discussion among friends, it was decided that this concept may be considered offensive and would get rejected. I am very opinionated about religion, but to make a statement like this would make me guilty of shoving my views in a religious person's face, which would make me a hipocrite because it's exactly what I'm irritated at them for.

So after some great suggestions from friends I came to this final conclusion. Another door-to-door solicitation I've gotten in the past are from dirty hippies in disguise asking for me to donate to a particularly popular cause. Stop global warming buy purchasing carbon offsets! Feed the homeless, help the pandas, or feed the homeless pandas! I have to bite my lip not to argue with these people when they ring the bell. Not only did they interrupt my drawing or my TV show, but they are preaching that the world needs saving, but with my monthly donation of $12, the world will be saved! You see people, I could save the world, but I choose not to.

In any case, my shirt is up for vote right now on Shirt.Woot.com so please, if you're reading this, click the link to the right of your screen and drop me a vote! I don't see this going anywhere on Woot! but I think I know a few guys who run a few sites that might be interested in printing this design with a little tweaking.

Thanks for reading! I am waiting for some money I should be getting this week to run out and buy the Wacom Cintiq tablet, which should make me far more productive on here. I am hoping that once I have this nifty gadget, you can expect an explosion of art from me and a lot more updating of the blog.

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