Breathing new life into a dusty piece.

I drew this piece about 5 years ago when I was working at the local mall in a kiosk doing wrist watch sales and repair. I was an assistant manager and worked in a pretty dead mall so I had a lot of time to doodle and I created this entire piece in a shift. I've decided to dust it off and breath new life into it.

I've always wanted to do like a Pulp style comic cover. I will be hand drawing and updating the text into something far more dynamic, moody and exciting. I will also be changing the pupil style of the giant eye and giving this piece more of an underwater feel. One thing I've always loved about this drawing is the way the pupil bends and contorts in the rounded surface of her bubble helmet. If you look to the right side of her head you will see that the dome shape of her helmet is creating like a magnifying glass effect on the iris behind it.

I picture this being a full front tee shirt with BIG impact. A sci-fi/horror themed non-existent comic book cover with a 1960's flare to it. If you read my blog you also know that I LOVE larger than life monsters.

"Pulp" by Aaron Hogg
One of my inspirations for this piece is the tee shirt by Aaron Hogg titled "Pulp." I think his bold use of color, text and line work combined with his 1950's / 60's flare is fantastic and flawlessly done. Plus he's using a martian octopus and we all know how crazy I am for octopai (see avatar for my tattoo.) Aaron did a great job and I plan on purchasing his tee to rock along with my take on pulp comics hopefully one day.

I'm usually afraid to show people where I'm getting my inspiration from because I HATE being accused of stealing ideas. I am not stealing an idea here though, but being inspired. I drew my piece 5 years ago and have always been inspired by pulp comics ever since I was a kid watching Tales from the Crypt and reading their comics. Should Aaron read this blog I would hope he would be encouraging and flattered at how much I love his piece.

I will post updates as I get them. I'm still trying to work out how I'm going to attack this piece. I am buying a Wacom Cintiq 12WX next weekend and may wait till I have this advanced piece of equipment to really dive into this piece as the tablet should make this much easier to accomplish and I suspect will boost the quality of my work exponentially. If you have any other references you think I should see or any advice or comments on this idea please let me know! Thanks for reading and as always, thanks for your 2 cents.

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