Well folks, in an attempt to stir up some votes for my "Cloud Toys" tee design currently up for voting at Tilteed.com, I am holding my first ever contest! Here's the deal:

Design Detail

  1. Go HERE and register if you need to.
  2. Vote for my design.
  3. Leave a comment.
  4. IF THE TEE GET'S PRINTED I will randomly select 1 comment that was posted on the design during the voting period. This selection will be broadcast via video to ensure the choice is totally random. This person will receive a FREE copy of the Cloud Tee's shirt!!!
That's it! It's simple and FREE to do! So swing on by and vote for my tee, you may end up owning a free copy of it some day soon!

Design Composition

If this contest goes well, I will hold many more in the future, so this is just another reason to keep reading my sketchbook!

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